Winter Message March 2016

Lassus Wherley-Winter Message-March 2016

Hope you managed to stay warm this winter. The good news…spring, will be here in a few weeks!

In case you missed these, the first two items are videos of Diahann’s appearances on CNBC. These are followed by links to financial articles in the media that include quotes from our advisors.

What's The Deal With This Market Volatility?

Kenneth Kiesnoski, CNBC

Nightly Business Report - February 15, 2016

NBR Staff (produced by CNBC)

How To Report A Tax Cheat

Karin Price Mueller,

No Double-Dipping On College Tax Breaks

Karin Price Mueller,

Should I File As Head Of Household?

Karin Price Mueller,

No Re-Do For 401(k) Savings

Karin Price Mueller,

Retirement Plans For A Small Businesses

Karin Price Mueller,

How To Choose A CPA

Karin Price Mueller,

U.S. Mutual Funds And Overseas Exposure

Karin Price Mueller,

Your Mutual Funds And Your Tax Bill

Karin Price Mueller,

Saving Taxes When You Sell A Home

Karin Price Mueller,

How To Use Tax Loss Harvesting

Karin Price Mueller, articles where we were quoted are also being posted on the New Jersey 101.5 FM radio website.

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As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Deborah J. Rivosa, CFP®, CFA

Chief Compliance Officer

Director, Business Development


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