What We Believe

Lassus Wherley exists to bring peace of mind to individuals, couples, families, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, and charitable organizations. Through Wealth Management services, we help our clients build better futures. Our Financial Planning, Investment Management, Tax Preparation, Trust Services and Family Office Support are delivered with commitment and integrity, and always with the clients’ best interests as our priority.

Peace of Mind is the...

  • COMFORT of knowing that we understand circumstances, and appreciate needs and desires.
  • CONFIDENCE that we will respond quickly to urgent needs.
  • SATISFACTION that we watch for situations which may require action in the future.
  • RELIEF of knowing we will take care of things you don't want to worry about or spend time doing.
  • PRIDE of understanding the impact of your choices and decisions.
  • JOY associated with actively managing your financial affairs.
  • THRILL of the convenience of having everything taken care of by one trusted source.
  • VALIDATION of being on the right track.

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