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Building A Strong Foundation

Through its association with National Advisors Trust Company (NATC), Lassus Wherley provides trust solutions for clients whose financial, family or business needs require the services of a professional fiduciary. NATC is the largest federally chartered trust company created by Registered Investment Advisors for the benefit of their clients.

Our services are:

Cost Effective: NATC and Lassus Wherley work cost-effectively and provide a highly competitive fee structure.

Flexible: Opt to work with co-trustees by sharing administrative responsibilities to achieve the objectives of the trust and meet the needs of the beneficiaries. Language can be included in a trust document to adopt the governing law of the client's domicile. Because NATC works nationwide, clients are able to move out of state and can hold real estate and other non-standard assets in multiple states without affecting their trust.

Supportive: Combining face-to-face meetings with Lassus Wherley representatives (or other means of ongoing communication preferred by the client) with the scope of federally chartered NATC provides peace of mind to clients.

Extensive: Management can be arranged for numerous types of trust accounts, including Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Qualified Terminal Interest Property(QTIP) Trusts and Generation Skipping Trusts.

Working With Your Estate Planning Professional

Often, clients come to Lassus Wherley with an estate planning professional who has already provided guidance, sometimes for many years. We work with those trusted advisors to provide trustee services and investment management that will help clients protect and preserve their wealth and remain confident about the future of their estates.

Agent For Trustee

Individuals sometimes appoint themselves, a family member, attorney or a family friend as trustee of their trusts. Even in these situations, there are benefits from having National Advisors Trust act as the agent for trustee. For many individuals, the administrative aspect of acting as the trustee is a time-consuming burden and a challenge to stay in compliance with the trust document. By appointing NATC to act as agent, the individual trustee retains fiduciary responsibility as trustee, while the trust company provides asset custody, trust-style statements, and trust officer support. Lassus Wherley continues to work directly with the client to manage trust assets and achieve their financial goals.


Lassus Wherley Ventures, owned by Diahann W. Lassus, Clare E. Wherley, has a less than 1% ownership interest in a savings and loan holding company, National Advisors Holdings, Inc. that has formed a federally chartered trust company, National Advisors Trust Company. Diahann W. Lassus and Clare E. Wherley also own shares of National Advisors Trust Company within their IRA accounts and through Lassus Wherley Capital, LLC. National Advisors Holdings, Inc. and National Advisors Trust Company are regulated by the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”).

LWA intends to refer clients to National Advisors Trust Company for trust services as a low-cost alternative to traditional trust service providers. As a result of this ownership interest, any referral presents a conflict of interest. However, clients are not obligated to use any National Advisors Trust Company service. No referral fees are received or paid by LWA. Fees charged by National Advisors Trust Company are separate and distinct from, and are in addition to, fees charged by LWA.

About National Advisors Trust

National Advisors Trust is federally chartered and regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department, and is authorized to do business in all 50 states. It is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). By law, client assets are segregated from the capital assets of National Advisors Trust and are not subject to potential creditor claims against the Trust Company. National Advisors Trust Company, FSB, (“National Advisors Trust”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Advisors Holdings, Inc., a Delaware Corporation.  The shareholder advisory firms of National Advisors Holdings, Inc. each hold less than ten percent (10%) ownership interest in the company.

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