Tax Preparation

Tax preparation can be a tedious task of data collection, reading forms, and trying to master complex schedules and calculations. Most people would prefer to have someone else assume this time-consuming burden.

Moreover, given the complexity of today's tax code, few non-professionals feel confident that they can keep up with the details, which seem to change every year. Lassus Wherley has been serving this need for 30 years by preparing tax returns for individuals, businesses, and estates and trusts. Our investment advisory clients who also use our tax services find that bringing all of their information “under one roof” is a bonus.

However, we are also happy to work with other tax professionals on our clients' behalf. Our goal is to provide assurance to our clients prior to their big decisions that can have tax implications. Whether it's selling or purchasing a house, moving to another state, shifting assets in a retirement plan, or facing a large change in income, Lassus Wherley can provide advice and counsel on the tax impact of the decision.

We can provide the arrangement that best suits your needs and may include the following:

  • Strategies to reduce tax obligations and maximize what you keep
  • Reviews by licensed Certified Public Accountants
  • Advice and counsel throughout the year
  • Representation for audits or letters of inquiry from tax authorities

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